Mapping the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Were you ever curious as to where in the world the Marvel Cinematic Universe was depicted on film? Well, take a look at the enclosed maps (you can click on them to see them in their full-sized glory) and you can find out. Just follow the arrows between the movie poster and the sites on the map.

NOTE: Whenever possible, I used notes from Marvel about the exact location of Wakanda (Just north of Lake Turkana near where Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Southern Sudan meet) and Sokovia (On the Black Sea near Moldovia and Romania). I also guesstimated the location of the Hydra facility in Siberia and found that the Raft prison from Civil War was located just south of New York City, and that based upon satellite imagery of the Hudson River near the Avengers facility, that it is approximately located near Esopus, New York (thanks to for that one).

Looking at the World Map, it seems kind of odd that the one inhabited continent that hasn’t yet been depicted in the MCU is Australia.

Click here to see the full-sized map

Regarding the North American Map, you’ll see that 19 out of the 21 current MCU films were at least partially located in the United States. Any guesses which two were the exceptions?

Click here to see the full-sized map

I’ll be updating this again in another month when the new Avengers movie comes out, but until then, this should do.

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