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#90 Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Miles Morales is from Marvel’s parallel “Ultimates” universe. He is the nephew of the Spidey villain known as the Prowler, who accidentally brought home a spider injected with the blood of Peter Parker (a.k.a. the original Spider-Man) and that spider bit Miles. Miles family is more than a little anti-superhero (both his father and uncle are criminals), but when that universe’s version of Parker dies, Morales feels the need to take on the mantle of Spider-Man. He fought crime in that parallel universe for a few years, but then when the Ultimates universe was destroyed; Morales, his family and some of his friends were among the few that were able to “migrate” to the main Marvel universe (Earth-616). In this new reality, Miles (who wears a different spider-themed outfit than Earth-616’s version of Spider-man), focuses on fighting crime in New York City while Peter Parker finds action all around the world. Morales has also been a member of the Avengers. In the recently released animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, he was voiced by Shameik Moore.

His most frequent appearance list consists of his teammates from the Avengers and Champions series, as well as Ganke Lee, Miles’ best friend who “migrated” from the Ultimates

Miles has yet to appear in more than 50 issues of any one title, the longest he has appeared in any one place in the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2, where he appeared in 26 issues between 2011 and 2013.

#89 – Huntress

Introduced as the daughter of the original/Golden Age/Earth-Two version of Batman and Catwoman (#96 Below); Helena Wayne took up the family business and fought crime (along with the now-adult Earth-Two version of Robin). She soon joined the Justice Society as part of the younger generation and struck up a friendship with Power Girl (the Earth-Two version of Supergirl) and had her own backup series in Wonder Woman comics. Then, the Crisis on Infinite Earths retroactively erased the existence of Earth-Two, the character was rewritten as Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a crime lord who rebelled against her family. She became a much darker character and has a long, but uneasy, relationship with Batman who sees her as too willing to exceed the bounds of justice. The later incarnation of Huntress has been a sometime member of the Justice League, the Outsiders, Spyral; but her longest relationship is with the Birds of Prey. She’s been portrayed by Ashley Scott in the 2002 series Birds of Prey; by Jessica De Gouw in the CW’s Arrowverse and will be portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the 2020 Birds of Prey movie.

She appears most frequently with other members of the Batman and Birds of Prey series:

Her one, long-term series was the original Birds of Prey series, where she appeared in 66 issues between 2003 and 2009.

#88 – Hercules

The Marvel version of the classic Greek hero was first introduced in a backup story of Young Allies in 1945 before reappearing in 1964 as an agent of the villain Immortus, but soon returned to his heroic nature. He sees himself as both an ally and a rival of Thor and the two have had more than several fights between themselves. He was a member of the Champions team in the mid-70s, the Avengers in the late 1980s and the early 1990s before rejoining the team in 2017. He’s also had several series of his own, the longest of which lasted 24 issues in 2008/2009.

His most frequent collaborations are with other members of the Avengers teams:

As for his most frequent appearances, he appeared in 149 issues of Avengers Vol 1 between 1967 and 2018 and in 59 issues of Thro Vol 1 between 1966 and 1994.

#87 – Magneto

The only thing that saved young Max Eisenhardt from the Holocaust was the emergence of his mutant powers over metal. He would strike up a friendship with Charles Xavier but the two soon parted over their disagreements in the looming showdown between mutants and humanity. While Charles would form the X-Men, Magneto would form their villainous counterpart, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who would constantly clash with his former friend’s team. It was during a fight with the second version of the X-Men, when Magneto almost killed Kitty Pryde (a Jewish mutant like himself) that he started to rethink his ways. He would later veer between antihero and sympathetic villain; but his commitment to mutantkind would never waver. He briefly led the X-Men and New Mutants after the “death” of Charles Xavier, has lost and regained his powers and is currently leading a new brotherhood. In the X-Men movie franchise, he’s been portrayed by Ian McKellen as the older Magneto and by Michael Fassbender in the prequels.

All of his most frequent appearances are with his sometimes enemies/sometimes companions the X-Men, with the exception of the Scarlet Witch, who for a long time was believed to be his daughter.

Despite his 66-year history, Magneto has only appeared in more than 50 issue in one series. That would be the Uncanny X-Men series that ran between 1981 and 2016 where he saw action in 69 issues.

#86 – Cannonball

Sam Guthrie grew up in a Kentucky coal-mining family when his mutant powers granting him the power of flight and a powerful force field turned him into Cannonball. He was a charter member of the New Mutants, and when that team came to an end, he transferred to the new X-Force. He was finally “promoted” to the X-Men team, and spent some time shuttling between various “X” Teams before joining the Avenges in 2013. He’s the eldest brother of 3 other mutant heroes. He will be portrayed by Charlie Heaton in the upcoming New Mutants film.

His most frequent collaborators are all Mutants, whether they be from his time with the New Mutants, X-Force or the X-Men team:

He appeared in 94 issues of the New Mutants series between it’s creation in 1983 and it’s end in 1991; in 83 issues of X-Force between 1991 and 2001 and in 61 issues of Uncanny X-Men between 1983 and 2011.

#85 – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Khamala Khan was created in 2013 as the first Muslim-American superhero to have his/her own series. During a release of the Terrigen Mists, it was reveealed that New Jersey teenager Kamala Khan was actually an Inhuman who has the ability to change her body (and body parts) shape and size. She lives across the river from New York City and was a fangirl of Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel character, so she named herself Ms. Marvel and fought crime in her hometown and trying to fulfill the wishes of her tradition-minded immigrant Pakistani family. She was a member of the Avengers and then joined the Champions splinter-team to which she still belongs.

Her most frequent collaborations are with other members of the Avengers and Champions teams, especially the younger members:

She has yet to appear in any series for more than 50 issues, her longest tenure being the current Ms. Marvel Volume 4, where she has appeared in 31 issues (to date) since it’s inception in 2016.

#84 – Psylocke

Originally introduced as the younger sister of Brian “Captain Britain” Braddock (#99) in 1976, she later became known as a model/psychic who sometimes worked for the British spy agency S.T.R.I.K.E. Her fate changed in 1986 when she was abducted by Mojo, brainwashed by and implanted with bionic eyes and got rescued by/subsequently joined the X-Men. In 1989 she was brainwashed (again) and given the body of a Japanese assassin, in whose skills she gained and whose body she now inhabits. She was a key member of the X-Men in the late 80s and early 90s before she was killed and resurrected and rejoining the X-Men in the late 2000s. Olivia Munn portrayed her in the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse.

All of her most frequent collaborators are from her days in the X-Men, with even her own brother missing out, he only ranks 22nd, with 108 issues in common):

Her long-running series includes 128 issues in Uncanny X-Men between 1986 and 2016 and 56 issues of X-Men Volume 2 between 1991 and 2006.

#83 – Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

Prior to John Stewart (#82 on this list) being the backup Green Lantern, Guy Gardner had that honor, but when he was seriously injured the Oans chose Stewart as his backup. Gardner remained little more than a footnote in the history of DC Comics until he was resurrected shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths in the mid-80s. The new version of the character (which has remained constant over the past 30+ years) portray Gardner as a macho egomaniac who still fights for good (most of the time). For a while, he lost his Green Lantern ring, and served as Warrior (who was alternately given an anti-universe Yellow Ring and later had his DNA merged with an alien race); but he rejoined the reformed Green Lantern Corp in the mid-2000s, before joining the similarly-powered Red Lanterns in the mid-2010s. He also served as an intermittent member of various Justice League teams.

His most frequent appearances are with his fellow Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Kyle Rayner) and members of the Justice League from his stint with that team; all of whom he had a difficult relationship with:

His one long-running appearance was with Justice League America Vol 1, where he appeared in 54 issues between 1989 and 1996.

#82 – Aunt May Parker

After the death of her sister and brother-in-law; May Parker and her husband Ben raised their nephew Peter in a loving environment. Her tragedy continued with the death of Ben shortly after Peter gained his superpowers. She was constantly worried about her frail nephew, while Peter was equally worried about his beloved aunt’s health. For a while, May was unknowingly in a romantic relationship with one of her nephew’s arch-villain, Doctor Octopus; but that relationship fell apart once May realized who he truly was. She later found love in her nursing home with Nathan Lubensky, only to witness him dying while trying to save her from another one of Spider-Man’s nemesis. She later married John Jonah Jameson (boss of Daily Bugle Editor/Former Majoy J. Jonah Jameson) and the two are still together. She has been portrayed by Rosemary Harris, Sally Field and Marisa Tomei in the various Spider-Man movie franchises.

Her most frequent appearances are with the non-powered members of the Spider-Man “family”, and two long-running enemies of her nephew; although one of them (#10 Doctor Octopus) was her ex-fiance.

She has appeared in 299 issues of Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 between 1963 and 2018; in 136 issues of Marvel Tales between 1966 and 1994 and in 52 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man between 2000 and 2014.

#81 – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn started off as a disposable character in Batman: The Animated Series who has evolved to one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. Her backstory is that she was a psychologist stationed at Gotham’s infamous Arkham Asylum, where she fell madly in love with the Joker. She freed the Joker from the asylum/prison and became his chief accomplice for much of the 1990s. She later broke off her abusive relationship with “Mister J” and started a partnership/romance with fellow Bat-foe Poison Ivy. She’s been an on-again/off-again member of the Suicide Squad (where she currently acts as field leader), an affiliated member of the Birds of Prey as well as one of the Gotham Sirens (along with Poison Ivy and Catwoman). She’s more of an anti-hero/agent of chaos who tends to do the right things. She was played by Mia Sara in the 2002 Birds of Prey series, and, more famously, by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movie (and the upcoming Birds of Prey series).

Her most frequent appearances are with her longtime foe Batman, her ex-lover the Joker and members of the Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad teams:

She has only appered in one long-running series, and that would be the third volume of her titular series, where she’s appeared in 51 issues (and counting) since 2016.

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